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Sober Companion

Inspiring you to live a sober lifestyle.

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Sober Companion

A sober companion resides at the client’s home 24/7 for a week, a month, or whatever time deems necessary. We assist clients in planning and creating a maintainable, consistent and healthy lifestyle. We stand strong beside our clients in those fragile first days or weeks, and support them through the struggles of early recovery. Sober companions are appropriate for individuals who are more comfortable with constant supervision.

A sober companion:
• Supports client during the first days of returning home from rehab
• Assists client with reintegration into productive society
• Facilitates reintroduction to the family post-discharge
• Helps prepare your living space for sobriety
• Provides support when resuming back to work/career
• Inspires fitness and wellness routines
• Helps plan a healthy diet and educate on proper nutrition
• Helps develop a network of positive people who will support their recovery
• Talk and share concerns with
• Assists with finding local service providers for continuing care
• Encourages actions that build self-confidence
• Motivates client to look, feel, and be their best

Sober Coaching

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