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Inspiring you to live a sober lifestyle.

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Sober Coaching – Inspiring you to live a sober lifestyle™ Start your recovery journey today.

Founded in 2017, Sober Coaching has taken pride in the dedication and commitment of its recovery coaches and has helped many people with their recovery journey. Each coach that founder Aaron Barnes has personally chosen has faced addiction firsthand and successfully navigated the path to recovery, solidifying the proficiency of their approach. In long-term recovery themselves, they have not just talked the talk but have indeed walked the walk.

Sober Coaching usually works one-on-one in the client’s home. In these companion arrangements, Aaron or an experienced team member will stay with the client at their residence or nearby. This tailored solution helps the client feel safe and supported since Aaron and his group of coaches and companions have all fought hard for their recovery and are living proof that recovery is possible.

Recovery coaching offers person-centered and strength-based support for individuals struggling with substance abuse, codependency, or other addictive tendencies. The coach also provides part-time support to those newly entering recovery, assisting them as they navigate the early stages through online coaching when in-person coaching isn’t an option.

Other services include reliable sober escorts, who are prepared to travel nationwide or globally and can transport an individual to treatment or home upon discharge. Skilled interventionists are also available and will guide a group of family, friends, or colleagues to face the person dealing with addiction.

The principles of privacy and confidentiality are regarded with the utmost respect. Sober Coaching views a compassionate and encouraging recovery community as essential to reaching this critical goal of lifelong sobriety.

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