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Physical Fitness and Long-Term Sobriety

When an addict is struggling to recover from addiction, their mind and body are working against them. The body and mind miss whatever was producing endorphins in the brain, responsible for the feeling of being “high.” Along with everyday stress, which can intensify cravings, the recovery process can be an epic battle between the user and their craving. This is why keeping focused on physical fitness and remaining active is so important in the lives of recovering addicts. Staying active and healthy is a significant factor in and addict’s long-term sobriety.

Exercise creates the release of endorphins (which can act as the natural high) and working out can help an individual cope with, just about anything. Studies also show exercise can reduce stress because galanin (a chemical found in the brain during exercise) seems to reduce certain stress related cravings. Continuous and healthy amounts of exercise will likely diminish drug seeking behaviors.

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