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Aaron Barnes a nationally certified recovery coach and personal trainer dedicated to helping addicts from all walks of life get and stay sober. He began drinking and using drugs in his late teenage years. After a long struggle with various substance and behavioral addictions, Barnes entered his 3rd treatment facility in Southern California for Oxycodone, cocaine, and alcohol addiction. He has been clean since March 6th, 2015. Barnes works closely with his clients, and when authorized, he also works with the client’s clinical team. Through his intense passion for helping others receive the life-changing gift of sobriety, he can break down the barriers to recovery and help clients answer the “why” question. He motivates each client to engage in a healthy, active lifestyle with an emphasis on fitness, nutrition, and a strong commitment to self-care. He coaches his clients on how to become contributing members of their local community through volunteer work. As a professional recovery coach, Barnes helps his clients navigate weekly, daily, or even hourly challenges as they come up during the various phases of sobriety. Barnes also works with the families and loved ones of his clients, fostering a higher chance for a lifetime of change.

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