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Aaron is dedicated to helping people lead a healthy, active, fulfilling lifestyle. His passionate dedication to inspiring others to live their best sober life comes from his 20-year struggle with substance abuse. Aaron began drinking and experimenting with drugs in his teenage years, which eventually lead him to several near-death experiences and multiple stays at inpatient treatment centers. Aaron has been clean and sober since March 6th, 2015. He now boldly shares his incredible journey to hell and back with others to send a message of strength and hope. His complete transformation from a hopeless addict to an internationally recognized sober influencer will inspire you to believe that recovery is possible and that your life can have an immense purpose after addiction ends.
Aaron has written several published articles for Recovery Today magazine in the Sobriety's Fitness Connection Section. He also sits on a panel of addiction experts for the University of Nebraska Medical Centers Project ECHO team.

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